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  • A proven leader and team builder I will add inspiration as I influence your teams through a project.

  • As an independent I provide an objective view on dilemmas and solutions.

  • I have been operating for 32 years in catering with an established network and insight into all aspects of catering.

  • As an external consultant I am less susceptible to internal politics and/or sensitive situations let me do the 'dirty work', i.e., take the decisions no one internally wants to make.

  • Hiring me as a consultant offers in certain areas a cheaper option than retaining the expertise in-house.  When the projects are completed the consultant can be bought back in to audit and measure the success of implementation, when it better suits the business needs.

  • Our industry is facing uncertain times so when a firms finds themselves short in capacity for projects/positions consultants can backfill without full time commitment and cost or expensive agency recruitment terms. 

  • With 20 years in client business portfolios I can create an everlasting impression on your clients and what is important to them.  Giving a true direction that builds confidence in your business by investment in your client needs. 

Why                           Makes Sense ?


Project Planning, Mobilisations, Budget Setting, P&L Analysis

Subject Matter Expertise 

Operational Efficiencies, Event Planning & Execution

 Cost Effective Operations

Kitchen Design, HACCP & Workflow Planning, Ghost Kitchen Setup

Be Productive & Safe 

Wellbeing & Sustainable Healthier Eating 



Stay on Trend & Care for the Future 

 Product & Promotional

Pop-up  Development 

Drive Revenue &  Satisfaction 

End to End Client Project Scope Management - Workflow 
1 - Define Scope 


Work with clients to build on their vision of the project and agree the required success measure. understand  Capex and Opex expenditure. 



  •  Competitor and high street trend analysis

  • Model high level financial outcomes and costs agreed by client to demonstrate ROI

  • Model high level workflow, space design & labour usage

  • Create work scope brief

  • Connect and understand Client supply chain

  • Develop taster products and packaging  

  • Host feedback presentation to client 

2 - Project Development 


Development phase at client site utilising teams and supply resource  to create F&B propositions, with visual observations of current operation. 


  • Engage design company to carry out space scope and recommendation where required

  • Source and recommend any addition suppliers that meet project requirements 

  • Create functional recipes and specifications 

  • Create food photography

  • Work with marketing departments on digital platforms and launch communications

3 - Consultation Phase


Client presentation setting out time scales and introducing any subcontracted specialist design and marketing engagement.


  •  Client and key stakeholder presentation 

  • F&B presentation with onsite team engagement.

  • Agree objectives and  ensure client vision is captured

  • Agree training and launch timelines

4 - Train & Launch 


Support the client site team with training and successful launch of project.


  • Site team project brief.

  • Training materials and specifications  communicated to specific site groups

  • Face to face F&B training sessions

  • Dry run of concept and  host FOH engagement session 

  • Launch day support to team

  • Day 2 adjustment and analysis

Bespoke Client Engagement Sessions 


Guest Chef

Associate chef package, includes recipe development and training opportunities for your team, utilise 32 years of network and associations, to set up a guest chef program that would engage your clients and own team alike. 



seasonal 3.jpg

Street food pop ups maximise your operation with added value street food popups, tap into unused areas of your operations to drive participation and sales, or simply add popup concepts to your monthly menus to highlight seasonal ingredients and calendar events to increase variety and value for your customers. 



Authenticity is so important to what is now a very global society. With gen X, Y & Z making up 90% of the working generations demographically they have also enjoyed a well  travelled and socially exposed life, with many experiencing first-hand the culture in food.  To this market celebrating regionality in your menu and  offers, gives a sense of emotional loyalty.   Let AMTC design authentic recipes that can make a world of difference in your global community, share them with your customers or simply theme your offers and upsell to drive sales.

Drive Sales with Value & Variety 

Sales & Retention 

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Client teaching kitchens are an invaluable sales and retention tool to a company wanting to present their foodie credentials.  They can be hosted face to face or virtually designed to meet a larger audience within a client's business.

You may have great chefs working for you in the daily busy.  However what cost to you allocate to retention and new sales?

Have a bespoke professionally run teaching kitchen designed and hosted  by AMTC on your behalf.  Showcasing your supply chain partnerships and local CSR credentials.

With on trend themes such as plant based dining, boosting immune systems & wellbeing or calendar events such as festive focused Diwali, Thanksgiving or Chinese New Year.  Why not identify a client focus? "What is important to them."


Health & Wellbeing Programs 

Balanced Choice is the key!

Health and wellbeing is paramount to productive and engaged minds and bodies.  Let AMTC design a wellbeing campaign focused over the year,  to educate and put wellbeing on the agenda of your daily offers.

Nutritional software and menu management programs can be utilised with investment.  However why not start to raise awareness and gauge audience participation with showcases and monthly discussion topics designed by AMTC and trained in for delivery with your teams. 

Create champions and grow customer satisfaction and loyalty together. 

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