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Meet Andy 

Offering Creative Hospitality, Catering &  Business Solutions 

Andy is based in the UK and is a multi award winning Operations Director.  He has been working in the catering industry for over 32 years. His career has taken him around the world and given him great insight and opportunities.  From industrial bakeries and high street brand development, to VVIP client fine dining for the some of the wealthiest people in Asia,  to first in class lounge service and operating team GB house in the 2012 Olympics, wellness solutions for education and business, large volume events and banqueting, logistic and centralised production solutions.  Andy’s diverse experience in operational and project management makes him an expert in the art of the possible for any business.


Andy is the owner of AMT Client Catering Consultancy Ltd.  Following 6 years in Asia where he experienced the effect of COVID on businesses hitting first, he believes that the industry has to change its mindset to better fit new consumer needs and succeed in the future.  In creating his own business he believes that as a consultant he can maintain a balanced and independent view point to any challenge.  He is neither tethered by any historical barriers or internal politics that prevent change and progress.  Therefore he offers a world of experience to innovate a successful business strategy to meet every clients need and bring it to fruition.

Andy believes that his background as a chef adds great value to his strategic input into a business.  Giving him a highly creative approach to both front and back of house operations with a financial acumen that comes from operating at every level within a catering industry.

Most recently Andy has designed, planned and mobilised over USD$60m of client refurbishments in Asia.  A challenge that gave him great exposure in end to end project management.  Local Pan-Asian Food Hall, Meeting and Event Spaces, Western on Trend Food Hall, 5-star Executive Lounge, Central Production Kitchen, Satellite Finishing Pantries.

See the below snippet of what Andy has delivered to businesses throughout his career.

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