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Meet Andy

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A multi award winning creative "Operations Director."


"Having plied my trade all over the world, it's fair to say I have experienced the cultural diversity that a global society now demands.  Hands on creativity in strategic solutions, brand development and passionate advocacy of your business is what I'm all about". 

To find out how I can benefit your business click below:

“ If it Seems Like a Puzzle?    Together We Can  Create a Clearer Picture of Success .”

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-Andy Twells 

What  Can I Do For You Today ?

Project  Planning, Mobilisations, Budget Setting, P&L Analysis

Operational Efficiencies, Event Planning & Execution

Kitchen Design, HACCP & Workflow Planning,

Ghost Kitchen Setup

Wellbeing  & Sustainable Healthy Eating 



 Product & Promotional

Pop-up  Development 

Colorful Macaroons

Treat Yourself To Some                               Expertise 

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In most cases a client hires a consultant to provide expert advice that ultimately (should) lead to a resolution of an issue or solution to a client event in their organisation .

There are however more reasons why consultants are hired.


"Andy & I worked together developing and operating Marks & Spencer's retail eateries. Andy is an inspiration to work with due to his great passion, creativity with commercial understanding and excellent leadership skills. We worked together on many products as part of the brand development team for M&S's own customers" 

- Dan Bryant


"Andy is a top, top chef and combines this high level of skill with a pragmatic, practical and ego-free style that ensures that those around him naturally want to support, learn from him and improve their own skills. We have worked together over several years in different roles and he always brings a ‘can do’ attitude and his attention to detail and his passion for his craft makes him the best development chef I have worked with."

- Adam O'Connor 


“I've had the privilege of working with many great people in my career but not many have made a lasting impression and have had such an impact on my professional development like Andy. A man of many talents. An incredibly creative Chef also capable of managing, inspiring and bringing the best out of people. 

- Luca Nervi

Let’s Get Started 

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